Walker Avenue Gang
Basic Band InfoBand
Name: Walker Avenue Gang
Album Name: Things Change
Email Address: searles@starpower.net
Music Style: Americana/Country


Dan Searles wrote his first song (a 2nd place winner in a local 4-h contest at age 8.)

He has studied his craft under W.C. Handy winner Guy Davis , and Alison Krauss writer Bob Lucas.

The Rides Again CD is Dan's second recording project.

The Walker Avenue Gang is a loose confederation of musicians who began gathering in Dan's Parlor to Jam and Songswap back in 2003.

Soon the song swap part of the get -together took over and the Band released it's first CD of original music in early 2005.

Since then the band members have come and gone and come back again but once a Gang member you're in for life as each generation of sound evolves from the original sound.

Love goes on