The New Outcasts

Band Name: The New Outcasts
Album Name: Go Smash Now
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Music Style: Punk
Influences: Teenage Bottlerocket


In September of 2012 James Black (formerly of Remedy and The Watershed Year) and Jeff Toogood (formerly of 39 Ways and The Watershed Year) split off from a previous band they were playing with (as singer and guitarist respectively) and decided to start a band devoted to friendship, fun and straight up punk rock. By October they had found a bassist in Brian McDonagh (formerly of DIVR and currently of Blame It On Brian) and a drummer in Brendan Horne (formerly of Drop32) and began playing punk rock cover songs with the intention of being a punk cover band.

They decided on a name, The New Outcasts, as most members had come to this band after splitting from their previous bands. After their first two shows in November of 2012, The New Outcasts decided to scrap the idea of being a cover band and decided to focus on original songs that James had written previously.

By the end of 2012 the band had played a few more shows and had recorded some demo tracks themselves, titled “Disc.Sticker.PunkRock.”; a four song sampler that also included a free sticker that the band had made up. The demand for these discs was so great that the band decided to fast track plans for recording a full length album in a proper studio.

In early 2013 The New Outcasts began work on their new album titled “Go Smash Now…” with award winning engineer and producer, Simon Larochette at his Sugar Shack recording studio in London, Ontario. Due out in August of 2013, the fast paced, hard hitting, ten-song album has generated lots of interest amongst new and old fans of The New Outcasts. With many of the songs on the album written about love, relationships and people, Go Smash Now… promises to have at least one song that every listener can relate to. The recording of the album was preceded by a very successful campaign where the band was able to raise nearly $1,000 to help support the creation of Go Smash Now…

In June of 2013 The New Outcasts underwent a lineup change in the bass department, replacing Brian McDonagh with their friend Greg Ilton (formerly of Drop32, currently of The Offensive Senses). Greg and Brendan had played together in bands previously, and the chemistry with the rest of the Outcasts was great right from the start.

The bands live performance is manic, high energy and fun. With catchy sing along songs and constant movement on the stage, the band is able to light up any size room and crowd.

The New Outcasts strongly believe in a DIY mentality when it comes to the band. They do all their own booking and press, and have even been known to make their own band shirts. Their logo has become synonymous with great times, and great punk rock music. They will probably be in your town soon, so keep an eye out for them; because you don’t want be the one that got left behind…

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